Video: ETAE Carmel Treatment Review

ETAE Carmel Treatment Review

ETAE Carmel Treatment Review

Yay, another YouTube video!  Today is my Etae Carmel Treatment Review!  Aside from fashion, I get a ton of hair questions.  I am loving it and thinking to add more hair content in my posts.  Let me know!  Anyway, let’s dive into this review.

What is E’Tae?

E’Tae is a line of natural hair products developed in 1999 by owner Kisha Tompkins-Hudson.  The goal behind the product is to help educate women all around the world about healthy hair care.  Also how to achieve natural , healthy, growing hair while using E’Tae products.

The Carmel Treatment

Apparently this is the best seller of the bunch.  When I got my hands on a bottle I had many requests to share my thoughts.  I hope you all enjoy the video!

Don’t forget, if you want to see more hair posts let me know.   The content can be either a blog post or video, it doesn’t even matter.

To put a disclaimer on this video and post, it is not sponsored in any way.  I love trying new natural hair products and I heard way too many good things about E’Tae to not give it a try!

Thanks for watching and reading!

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  1. Kyarra Thompson
    July 13, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    Nice review!