Bump Style First Trimester

Bump Style First Trimester

Bump Style First Trimester. First off, welcome to my little “Bump Style” series! Super excited to share this series as someone will always be pregnant looking for some fashion inspiration. I want this series to not only be for mama’s to be but also my non pregnant audience as well. I believe you can be just as fashionable while pregnant versus when you are not so don’t think you can’t see yourself wearing these looks. Some things just change a bit with pregnancy…see ya later jeans lol.

Dressing the bump in the first trimester was pretty easy. Most people don’t even know you are pregnant and most women are not showing at this point so many of your regular clothing sizes may still fit. I will say that even though many of my clothes still fit, I quickly befriend elastic waistbands. This was especially important as I finished up my 13th week and entered the second trimester. I started to show around week 11 into 12 so it was important to look into fashionable options while having comfort be my top priority.

Here are some of the things I wore during my first trimester:

Regular Size Jeans

Ha! Ladies strike while the iron is hot. This trimester will probably be your last wearing regular size jeans, embrace it. Like I stated above, regular size jeans were a no go after about week 10. Even at week 16 if I tried hard I could still get into my Target mom jeans (they ran a little big) but we don’t wanna try too hard with fashion and pregnancy amiright!?

Bump Style First Trimester


It was still relatively warm during my first trimester so the most appropriate outerwear item for me was a blazer. I still felt stylish but could cover my bump up if need be.

Fall Staples


Literally God’s gift to pregnant women lol. You can never go wrong wearing a dress no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in.

Leggings/Elastic Waists

Besides dresses, leggings are another pregnancy must. I will say that as you get later into your first trimester, you may want to look into getting a good pair of maternity leggings. Anything with an elastic waist will also be great for you during the first trimester.

Spanx Leather Like Joggers
Bump Style First Trimester

Loose Fitting Tops

Since most people do not share they are pregnant in their first trimester, loose fitting tops are an easy to hide the bump and avoid suspicion. Not that you are hiding your pregnancy but it’s common knowledge that most people don’t share because this is the highest risk time something could happen. So on top of some anxiety that you may have, the last thing you need is someone prematurely sharing that you are pregnant.

Lounge Wear

Not gonna lie, I’ve gotten so many cute lounge wear sets from Fashion Nova. Lounge wear is just super easy and has really set the tone for 2020. I will say that I’ve been super fortunate enough to be partnering with them and it really helps now that my clothing sizes are changing. If you want, I could do a Fashion Nova lounge wear post for you and share all of the sets that I have so far.

Bump Style First Trimester

That is all I have for you today. I’m going to get a couple more outfits under my belt while I’m in my second trimester. Perhaps in 2 weeks or so I will do this same post again all referring to the second trimester. I truly think with a mixture of Fall clothing and getting more acclimated with my sizing, second trimester dressing has been my favorite. Also, if you need more outfit inspo, follow me on Instagram and search my hashtag “VFbumpstyle.”

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Scarlett Allen
    November 4, 2020 / 8:30 am

    Great choices for all types of occasions. Very comfortable and stylish first trimester selections!