Bump Style Second Trimester

Bump Style Second Trimester

Bump Style Second Trimester. Not gonna lie, I think this is my favorite most fashionable trimester. Yes I may have outgrown my regular size at this point but I’m embracing new curves and fun ways to dress them.


The best thing about being pregnant in the Fall is the ability to wear cardigans. These now have become my “go-to” outfit topper in the place of blazers, though I still wear them too.

Maternity Leggings/Jeans

I don’t think I needed anything maternity except leggings and jeans. Leggings are a given because they are going to take you from the first trimester probably until postpartum. I got two pairs of jeans because I wanted some sense of normalcy while being pregnant. Being able to wear jeans does that for me. If you are interested I wrote all about my maternity leggings in this post.

2020 Thanksgiving Inspo
Spanx Mama Jeanish Leggings

Dresses (Sweater Dresses)

Again, a great perk to being pregnant in the Fall/Winter. If it were Spring/Summer time this would just be t-shirt or maxi dresses.


At this point I sized up for all of my skirts.

Comfy Lounge Sets

I think comfy lounge sets goes for everyone right now, pregnant or not. At least when I’m wearing a set I feel semi put together since it matches. Lots of my cute sets are actually from Fashion Nova.

Oversize Shirts/Shackets

Anything oversize will be your best friend during pregnancy. Since we are back on lockdown I think everyone can relate. You can always throw on a pair of leggings and boots/booties/sneakers to pull the look together.

Hoping that these posts have been helping EVERYONE! No need to lose your sense of style just because you are pregnant. And if you are not pregnant I hope you can pull some inspiration from these outfits as well. Don’t forget I have a ‘bump style’ tab on the blog homepage where you can find all of my bump style related posts.

Thanks for reading!