Carter’s Nursery Reveal

Carter’s Nursery Reveal

Carter’s nursery reveal. As you all know by now Carter is here. This post was supposed to go live a while ago but I kept convincing myself the room wasn’t “perfect enough.” I saw other nursery’s on social media and thought I needed to add more but truth is I love this little space of his. This is my second child so of course things aren’t as “elaborate” as with the first but I still wanted to give him a great room. Hopefully this post inspires those of you who have smaller spaces to work with.

So welcome to Carter’s crib! As you can see, it is a very small space. This room was actually Sheldon’s office hence the bookcase full of books that I tried not to capture lol. Like I said, I love this space so much and it was a bit of a challenge for me since I didn’t have much to work with. This was also hard for me because the room had to be as minimal as possible as to not look cluttered. I am now realizing that I am not a minimalist lol.

Diaper pail // Changing table // Hatch changing pad

It’s so funny to me how “over prepared” I was with Cora. Her circumstances were a bit different seeing as she was born early and I had that information which motivated me to finish her room when I was like 30 weeks pregnant. This time around I moved much slower. I probably was closer to 37 weeks when I finished Carter’s room.

Choosing A Theme

This is always hard for me because I’m more of a color scheme person than theme. Just like for Carter’s baby shower, I knew I wanted this room to have elements of green and wood. The only real furniture we had for the room was the crib and then the gray changing table was from Cora’s room. She now has a dresser in her room. I made the rest of the room come together around these two pieces. The rug is from Home Goods along with the little table that have some of his shoes and Hatch sound machine on it. I might get a little dresser to replace that table but haven’t decided yet. The mirror I found for a steal at Ross, only $14.99.

The pieces that really tie the room together are the pictures, makeshift “mini bookcase” and “Boys were made for adventure” sign all from Hobby Lobby. The curtains are the same blackout curtains Cora has just in green and shorter. They are from Amazon. And in the back corner closest to the curtains there are storage baskets which I got from Homesense. I put blankets, towels and other bulkier things in there for storage. If the room were larger, I found this amazing green storage bench at Ross and I would’ve put it against the wall. It was so beautiful but no space for it.

Utilize Wall Space and Backs of Doors

To avoid the room looking cluttered I had to utilize all of the space I have in a different way. Instead of filling the room I added more to the walls than I usually would. I’m still in the process but I am also using the backs of the door and the closet for storage. Currently eyeing these from Amazon to store some things in.


That’s all for today. This room was definitely a challenge to decorate but I couldn’t love it any more. So, I know I’m on “maternity leave” but I am still pretty active on social. Let me know what type of postpartum content you would like to see or if there is something specific.

Thanks for reading!