Fashion Nova Fall Outfits

Fashion Nova Fall Outfits

Fashion Nova Fall Outfits. Starting to get back into sharing outfits now that I’m feeling up to it. As I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve been observing the fashion trends. It’s so funny how things “go out of style” and come back full circle. All of these looks were created with pieces from Fashion Nova.

Loafers Trend

This trend was definitely here about 2 seasons ago but has come back big as of late. If you really want to be trendy, try adding a pair of socks with your loafers.

Fashion Nova Fall Outfits
Cardigan // Jeans

Leather Trend

Leather is always in, I repeat leather is always in. It’s one of those fabrics that comes and goes in trends but this season I’ve been seeing head-to-toe looks dominating everywhere. I like to incorporate my leather pieces in smaller doses lol.

Fashion Nova Fall Outfits
Vest (similar) // Boots

Trousers and Green Trend

I actually think university type pieces are a trend too but correct me if I’m wrong. This cardigan was too cute to not get. Another trend I am seeing are trousers. Now after not being able to wear jeans for 9/10 months that’s all I want to wear. However, I am loving the trousers trend, especially the looser fitting ones for postpartum. This outfit shoes how to dress them down while still looking put together. You will also be seeing the color green everywhere and fuzzy bags. I couldn’t resist this cutie bag when I saw it.

Fashion Nova Fall Outfits
Cardigan // Pants // Sneakers // Bag

Can y’all do me a favor and let me know if you like or prefer me to share my reels outfits in blog posts? If it is the case I will have lots more content coming to the blog. I also always share over on Pinterest. Coming up next will be some breastfeeding posts and holiday content. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!