DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart.  Bar carts have been one of the hottest home decor items thus far this holiday season.  With carts ranging up to $800 or more, that wasn’t in my budget.   I also feel it’s not necessary to spend that much for something that will just hold your half drank alcohol.  Since I’m all about being practical with the holidays here, I’m showing how with a little elbow grease, you can make this $30 cart from Ikea into a masterpiece!

DIY Bar Cart Vida Fashionista

I didn’t really feel the need to walk you step-by-step since the instruction manual is very self explanatory and all pictures.  I will however, fill you in on the spray paints I used.  I went to A.C. Moore for my spray paints.  The gold is by Rust-oleum and is metallic.  I also used a clear acrylic sealer by Patricia Nimocks.  Personally I sort of stopped using the clear sealer because I didn’t like the color that it was turning the gold paint.

Vida Fashionista Vida Fashionista DIY Bar Cart6

You have to assemble the entire cart together yourself, so I first decided that I wanted all of the silver parts to be sprayed gold.  I’ve seen some people spray even the wheels gold but I thought that was a little much.  After adding two coats of gold (I probably did more to make sure I covered everything) I waited for the paint to fully dry before putting the cart together.  *Please be sure to spray paint outdoors or in a well ventilated area*

DIY Bar Cart DIY Bar Cart Vida FashionistaDIY Bar Cart

BYGEL Utility cart // Nutcracker

  I added my finishing touches such as this nutcracker and then all of my materials needed to make drinks.  I didn’t show it in the picture but the top drawer slides out for storage and that’s where I keep the wine openers and other bar accessories.  I hope this little tutorial was helpful for you.  If you do happen to tackle this project, I’d love to see a picture of your finished products!

Thanks for reading!