Embracing Winter Whites

Embracing Winter Whites

Let’s talk about embracing winter whites. First off…January has literally been the longest month on record and we are still in it! I’m not a fan of winter besides the fact that you get to layer your clothes. Needless to say I’m ready for warm weather already lol. For some reason there became this unwritten rule about “no white after Labor Day.” That rule is insane to me because that means from September to essentially April you “aren’t” supposed to wear white.

Sweater // Boots // Hat // Necklace

Well whoever came up with that “rule” can shut it because there is nothing like wearing winter whites. My outfit isn’t even fully winter white and I love it. This would be the perfect way for you to incorporate whites into your winter wardrobe without looking too “offseason.” My pants are a new addition and I am obsessed with them. A little fun fact, they actually aren’t white. They are cream and this is sort of the trick to pulling off winter whites.

Embracing Winter Whites

Stark white can be very jarring for the winter months so try wearing cream or bone colors for a seasonal twist. So what are your thoughts? Are you willing to embrace winter whites or are you just going to leave that to me lol?

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