Favorite Workouts

Favorite Workouts

With the start of the new year comes many people prioritizing their health and fitness. I don’t talk about this in depth that much because fitness is part of my daily life but today I’m going to share some of my favorite workouts.


Pilates has been the biggest game changer for me. Last year I really wanted to find a class that I enjoyed. I tried Soul Cycle (hated it), Barre (boring and too easy for me), and Yoga (too slow paced). However I would definitely give yoga another try. Then I went home, turned on YouTube and gave pilates a try and loved it. It’s the perfect combo of barre mixed with a little yoga and you can even throw in cardio like when I do my cardio pilates workouts.

If you are looking for a good pilates workouts try the “Pop Sugar Fitness” workouts on YouTube. I have different workouts depending on what I want to target or how long I have to do a workout. I have 25, 30, and 35 minute classes along with a 45 minute cardio pilates class. The cardio one is great since pilates tends to be lower impact and more focused on toning. It’s nice to get your heart rate up to burn fat.

Jump Rope

I’ll let you in on a little fun fact. Back in the day I was a “jazzy jumper.” Basically I was like those kids that compete on ESPN. I can still do most of the tricks I learned. Jumping rope is such a great full body workout and awesome for cardio.


I’ve played tennis my entire life. It’s one of those full body workouts that you don’t realize how hard it is until you stop. If I don’t have someone to play with we have tennis courts near us that have a wall that you can hit on. Still the same concept and a great workout.

Barry’s Bootcamp (HIIT)

Barry’s Bootcamp is a super intense HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. This is typically the kind of workout that I look forward to doing because you burn fat faster. The workouts are 50-minutes long and usually consist of switching from floor workouts to the treadmill. You will do about 12 minutes on the treadmill increasing and decreasing your speed and incline with short periods of rest. Then you will switch to the floor and do about 12 minutes of arms, abs and legs. Switch back to the treadmill and then to the floor. It’s a killer workout, exhausting but so worth it and satisfying after you get through it.

What are some of your favorite workouts that maybe I didn’t discuss in this post?

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In other news, I do plan on getting back to a regular posting schedule again. I know I can’t make excuses anymore but being sick sucked out all of my motivation. Happy to say that things have been going great and I’ll get to shooting this weekend!

Thanks for reading!