Fashion Nova Halloween

Fashion Nova Halloween. Halloween is just 10 days away! Here are some costume ideas from Fashion Nova in case you don’t have your costume picked out yet. Side note: I know that Halloween costumes tend to be a bit over sexualized so I made sure, for the sake of having a little daughter, to choose appropriate costumes that I would wear in front of little kids.

Roller Skate Girl/80s Workout

This is one of my favorite looks. I feel like if you walked into my house and saw me wearing this you wouldn’t even blink twice lol. It’s very me and I feel like this needs to be my vibe in life haha.

Fashion Nova Halloween

Ring Master

I made a joke over on TikTok but I feel like this costume sums up my everyday life. Wrangling up the kids and my husband lol.

Clover High Cheerleader

The inner and former cheerleader in me is screaming right now! I have been dying to be a Clover’s cheerleader since watching Bring It On in 2000!

Fashion Nova Halloween

Little Red Riding Hood

This costume is probably the “sexiest” but I feel like I toned it down.


A go-to and classic Halloween costume idea is a witch. I’ve never actually been a witch for Halloween before. You can wear the skirt of this costume as a skirt or as a cape. I feel like this is the warmest costume of them all so I may take the kids out trick or treating.

Thanks for reading!