Loft Style Session

Loft Style Session

Loft Style Session. Amazing news for today’s post. Loft had a friends and family sale the last couple of days and I just found out that it’s extended thru 10/31!!! Everything is 40% off! Today I’m sharing 3 new/newer pieces that I picked up and they are all on sale, we love that! I may actually come back on the blog later today or tomorrow to share the other pieces that I got so that you can see and shop them before the sale ends. Also, no need to worry if you can’t shop the sale now because we all know it’s the time of year when there will be sale after sale.

Kelly Green Coat

Loft hands down makes some of my favorite dress coats. I’m usually always cold, though having kids has changed that a bit, but I love me a good coat. The color of this coat is beautiful and the first thing I thought of was for Eagles game day and/or tailgating. I’m wearing it in a size small and as I’m staring at the picture I’m realizing that I’ve never tried the petite version. That’s another reason why I love Loft because they typical offer everything in regular and petite. If you know me then you know how I always talk about how I have long limbs for my height and how I am considered a “tall petite.” When it comes to tops and coats I usually grab regular sizing so the sleeves aren’t too short.

Another note about Loft coats, I have this coat in tan and red and they are both double breasted. Both are fantastic and get lots of wear from me.

Loft Style Session

Houndstooth Cardigan

I’ve had this cardigan for probably a month now but never spoke about it. It is from one of the newer collections from Loft. I’m wearing a size small. This cardigan is so so soft. Honestly it feels comparable to cashmere. I love any cardigan because you will get a ton of wear out of them. They can easily be styled for work or just casually.

Houndstooth Skirt

Here is the final item for today. Just like the cardigan, I was immediately drawn to the big houndstooth print. I feel like most houndstooth (that I have at least) is a smaller print. This one caught my attention because of its large houndstooth print and texture being tweed. The skirt has no stretch and I’m wearing it in the petite size. I took a petite for length and a better fit in the waist. In the second picture I show the houndstooth skirt worn with the Kelly green coat to give it a holiday vibe.

Loft Style Session
Coat // Skirt

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