Wedding Updates

Wedding Updates

Wedding UpdatesWedding Updates Omg y’all, we are almost five months until the wedding and to work out the kinks I’m sharing some wedding updates. Writing things down always helps me sort things out so here we go.

Here are things I have:

  • The dress
  • The venue
  • Save-the-dates have gone out
  • Hotel blocks (booking our room today)
  • Bridesmaids have their dresses
  • Colors picked out
  • A photographer (Jeffrey Vincent Photography)
  • Rehearsal dinner space booked
  • Wedding bands
  • Honeymoon booked!
  • Wedding website (more on this soon)

What I still need:

  • Finalize the DJ
  • Finalize the videographer
  • Shoes for the wedding
  • Invitations (I need help in choosing where to order from)
  • Florist (going for my consultation next Tuesday)
  • Choose menu and do menu tasting (honestly we’ve been waiting for this part since we booked our venue!)
  • Book flights for honeymoon

There are sooooooo many other things to do but I feel like writing this down made things better. The closer we get to the finish line the more the list feels endless. If anyone has any suggestions out there I’m all ears!

Thanks for reading!