Flannel + Faux Fur

Flannel + Faux Fur1 Flannel + Faux Fur2 Flannel + Faux Fur3 Flannel + Faux Fur4 Flannel + Faux Fur5 Flannel + Faux Fur6 Flannel + Faux Fur7 Flannel + Faux Fur8 Flannel + Faux Fur9

Shirt: Old Navy // similar vest // DIY jeans (similar) // similar tote // Swatch US watch // Shoes: Nine West

Happy Hump Day!  I hope you all enjoyed my DIY Distressed Denim tutorial and hope it was helpful as well!  I’m starting to get more into doing videos and tutorials and I’m loving it. The process is tedious but it’s also fun and hilarious!

The jeans I’m wearing in this post are actually the ones that I distressed in the video yesterday. As you can see, I only distressed the pocket in the video because it A. saved time and B. I had already distressed the jeans to my liking.  Knowing how to distress your own jeans is a great tool because you can fall in love with an old pair of jeans again and it will save you money since companies charge more for distressed jeans than regular (which makes no sense).

Thanks for reading!