Holy Tassels

Holy Tassels

Holy Tassels Holy Tassels

Holy tassels is right!  The only thing that would have made this more tassel crazy is my new pink tassel hoop earrings I just got!  Tassels are super in right now and I think they are so cute.

Vida Fashionista

Let’s talk about this tote!  Number one, I don’t think you can beat the awesome price coming in at only $29.99.

Vida Fashionista Holy Tassels

I got this straw tote in the mail the other day and I’m beyond excited to use it.  The thing that sold me was the tassel detail on the bag.  And just in case you decide to buy it, the bag is pretty large which is perfect to fit all of your beach essentials. One more thing…the links at the bottom of the page for the tote are only taking you to the home page of Saks off 5th.  If you click on the link for the tote, just select handbags and this tote is on page 2 of the handbag selections.  Sorry for the inconvenience but figured I’d let you know that info because I noticed it’s not taking you directly to the tote 🙂 .

Holy Tassels Vida Fashionista

I’ve got some vacations coming up so I will be planning packing lists and giving you suggestions on what to take when you are heading somewhere warm.  I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day yesterday and had time to spend with their families, I know I did.

Holy Tassels

similar romper // similar sandals // sunglasses // Straw Tote // Swatch US watch

Just hoping to brighten your Monday.  I’ve got a short work week because my birthday is next week!

Thanks for reading!