Hotel Napoleon Review

Hotel Napoleon Review

Hotel Napoleon ReviewIf you’ve been following along the past couple of weeks I’ve been upping my travel game. Today I’m sharing my Hotel Napoleon review. In case you missed my Memphis Travel Guide, I went to Memphis for a couple of days with Memphis Travel. We stayed at the cutest boutique hotel called Hotel Napoleon. A little back story on the hotel. Hotel Napoleon is a luxury boutique hotel housed in the historic Winchester building dating back to 1902. Located in downtown Memphis, the hotel is smack dab in the middle of everything. Seriously, we were able to walk everywhere from the hotel. One of the many reasons why I think it’s such a successful hotel is because (it’s location is a given) they use hotel revenue management software to make bookings as smooth to do as possible, making it super easy for us and them to book a room!

Hotel Napoleon Review

Location: One of the most famous streets and popular locations in Memphis is Beale Street. I’ve never been to New Orleans before but I heard it’s equivalent to Bourbon Street. Beale street remains relatively quiet during the day and then is the place to be at night. Our hotel was only 2 short blocks away. In the photo above, just walk to the right two blocks and you will run right into Beale Street.

Hotel Napoleon ReviewHotel Napoleon ReviewHotel Napoleon Review

Décor: I loved how the hotel was decorated. The lobby in the below photo is at the second entrance of the hotel on the side of the building. I thought the staircase looked really cool. The other thing I loved was the old telephones in the lobby. There was a bench with a telephone on a little table on each floor…and they worked! The hotel looks very modern in its construction with lots of natural light coming in.

Hotel Napoleon ReviewHotel Napoleon Review

Rooms: Our room was not the largest room but it was perfect for our time there. Everything was spaced out well though and very well lit. I said it before, our itinerary was full of things to do so having a huge room that you don’t have time to enjoy was not necessary. Take a look at the bed in the photos. Yes it felt as amazing as it looked. I cannot put into words how comfortable, soft and plush the bed was. Felt like I was sleeping on a cloud every night.

Hotel Napoleon ReviewHotel Napoleon ReviewHotel Napoleon Review

Food/Bar: Y’all know I love to eat BUT I actually did not eat at the hotel. I almost did though. I will say that the prices of the food on the menu are great. You could get a flank steak for $14! The drinks on the other hand were great. Usually when I go to a bar I get wine or beer. I’m not a specialty cocktail type of girl since they are usually too sweet. This works out perfect for happy hours. The name of the bar/restaurant in the hotel is Luna Restaurant and Bar. Happy hour was from 5-7 and they were open everyday except Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays until midnight. There is so much to do in downtown Memphis that closing at midnight on the weekends is pretty fair.

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Staff: Amazing staff! Everyone was so friendly and very helpful. Also super accommodating. Particular standouts to me were the manager Eric and bartender Jasmine. When my cousin and I didn’t know where to eat dinner one night they offered a ton of suggestions.

Conclusion: Memphis is a must-visit place in general. When people think of Tennessee their first thought is always Nashville. Memphis is a “hidden” gem. As far as Hotel Napoleon I would highly recommend anyone traveling to Memphis to stay there. From the friendly staff to its convenience to everything it really was an amazing place to stay. The only negative in my opinion is that the hotel didn’t have a pool. Totally not a deal breaker because we had a jam packed itinerary from the start anyway. If there were a pool it would have made it easier to be lazy. Plus, no one wants to be in a bathing suit after indulging in all that delicious Memphis barbeque lol.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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