How To Get Shit Done

How To Get Shit Done

Need a little motivation on this Monday…I GOT YOU!!! If you have issues getting stuff done that you know you need to, this post is for you. Let’s be frank and talk about how to get shit done (sorry I cursed Mom).

Just Do It

Literally just like Nike says, “Just do it.” We spend so much time talking about what we need to do or what we are going to do. By the time we even make an effort to do it, we’ve wasted precious time (like working out). The only way you can get motivated to do things is to just do it. If it helps, give yourself a time that you are going to do it. Also try giving yourself a time frame to get it done.

Write It Down/Makes Lists

Writing things down helps me manifest things. Putting it on paper makes it tangible and I am more likely to do it. It also makes me feel super accomplished by crossing things off once I finish them rather than just erasing them from a phone or computer.  I have always been a “to do” list person but I’ve taken this one step further by prioritizing my lists.

Prioritize Tasks Daily

This is actually funny because I just started doing this this month. What I used to do was write down ALL of my tasks that I needed to get done. Even though I said to write down, if you have a lot on your list…this can be very overwhelming. Rather than being scattered and trying to get everything done at once, I started prioritizing my tasks by day.

So, say I had 20 things to get done in a month, I start by writing down all 20. Then I break them down…Sunday 3 things, Monday 2 things, Tuesday 3 things and so on. Next thing you know, you’ve completed what you need in 2 weeks without feeling overwhelmed! Also I get it, life happens. If you don’t finish something on your list for that day, just add it on to the next day. Whatever you do, just make sure you get it done!

How To Get Shit Done

If you’ve been struggling with tackling tasks or don’t know where to start, I really hope that today’s post helps you.

Thanks for reading!