How to Look Taller

How to Look Taller

It’s Style Tip Saturday!!!  This post serves us ladies that are on the shorter side of the spectrum.  I like to use the phrase “vertically challenged” lol.  There are many ways that you can dress yourself to give the illusion of looking taller.  Many people before meeting me think I’m at least 5’7″.  This is primarily because I wear heels.  I have also taken the points that I have listed here into consideration.  Here are some tips for us “vertically challenged” ladies to look taller!

1. Wear vertical stripes

Vida Fashionista

Vertical stripes create long lines and therefor make you look taller. I’m only 5’3″ and I think I look like a giant in this picture!  (Style tip: to elongate your legs even more, try a high waist bottom)

2. High waist bottoms are the way to go!

The easiest way to elongate your figure is to simply wear high waist bottoms.  Whether it be shorts, jeans, a skirt whatever you choose, you are sure to elongate your frame.  (Style tip:  Add heels for extra height)
3. Wear one color

Vida Fashionista

Wearing one color will not cause any break lines therefore making you look longer.  You will not get distracted by “the shirt stops here and the pants start here.”
4. Go short!

Vida Fashionista

One of the things I love about being on the shorter is that if you wear a short skirt, it’s ok for it to actually be really short.  Obviously you want to make sure your butt doesn’t hang out, but if you are going to wear a short skirt make sure that it is short to make the illusion of your legs looking longer.  (Style tip:  try wearing a shoe that is your skin complexion to elongate your leg line or if you wear tights, make sure they are the same color as the shoe)

5. Yes, you can wear a maxi

There was a rumor that shorter girls can’t or shouldn’t wear maxi skirts. That’s a lie!  Maxi skirts, when worn correctly, actually can make you look very tall. Try a solid color and avoid layering or you will look short and frumpy. (Style tip: wear heels for extra height and pair the skirt with a crop top or fitted top)

6. Embrace your short hair!

Vida Fashionista
Listen, I love feeling like Sasha Fierce when I wear my hair extensions but let’s be real, long hair on short girls makes you look even shorter.  My natural hair length fits my frame and my face. Shorter hair will show off your neckline which makes you look taller. And hey, I bet Rapunzel was probably 7 feet tall lol.

To end this post, I’ll also add that knowing your proportions and wearing heels will also do the trick when you are trying to make the illusion of looking taller.  Obviously you should be comfortable in your own skin and I love being short, but just because I’m short doesn’t mean I can’t look tall by the way I dress.

What do you think?