How To Shoot Indoors + MY Lighting Equipment

How To Shoot Indoors + MY Lighting Equipment

First things first, head over to this post if you are interested in learning how to take your own photos for your blog or in general. To let’s move onto how to shoot indoors.

Take Your Own Blog Photos

Let me preface this by saying I am not a “photographer” or an expert by any means. I am simply sharing what I do and use when taking photos indoors.Let’s start off with the equipment that I personally use on a daily basis. If you would like to purchase anything just click on the links.

How To Shoot Indoors

My Cameras

  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • A DSLR with manual focus (MF) and auto focus (AF) capabilities
  • Sony A5000


How To Shoot Indoors

Other Necessities

  • Tripod (preferably one with multiple attachments for a camera and phone)
  • Phone stand (for the occasional super low shots)
  • Optional: Remote (I don’t use it often)

Now let’s talk tips and tricks.

Natural light is best.

I know you’re probably looking at this like “Seriously Davida, if natural light wasn’t the issue then I wouldn’t be reading this.” Lol I feel you but if and when you can, try your hardest to capture photos with natural light. For instance, my house gets amazing light in the living/dining rooms. On a sunny day (right now) I can take advantage of this between the hours of 10a to 5p. The photos below were taken only using natural light.

These were taken with my DSLR. The photo on the left is how the image came right off the camera. The photo on the right was with a little editing tweak I did in the Snapseed app. Side note: I like to take indoor photos on my DSLR because I can adjust my aperture, ISO and shutter speed according to the space. The photo below was also taken using only natural light.

Use artificial light in lower lit places.

The good thing about artificial light is that you can take photos really at any time of day. I tend to lean on artificial lights on overcast/rainy days or when I take photos upstairs in our house since there are fewer windows/natural light sources.

The above photos are an example of my low lit upstairs. It was a rainy day and early…like 9a when I took this photo. As you can see I wanted to get as much light as possible. I used one of my studio lights and mounted my “Thot light” onto my DSLR to make the lighting even on my body.

How To Shoot Indoors

Oh but don’t sleep on the iPhone, or whatever phone you have. Some of these bad boys have better megapixels than some DSLRs! This photo was taken on my iPhone using the one studio light and then I always do a little adjusting in the Snapseed app.

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Thanks for reading!