Most Used Baby Products

Most Used Baby Products

Happy Friday! I can’t believe I’m sharing a third post this week. Feels like my old self again. Anyway, I’m here to share our most used baby products. These are the products that we find ourselves using everyday over and over again.

Most Used Baby Products
Elvie Portable Breast Pump // Hatch Changing Pad Scale // White Onesies // Barefoot Dreams Baby Blanket // Hatch Sound Machine // Boppy Nursing Pillow // Philips Avent Bottles // Baby Shusher // Frida Baby Snot Sucker // A + D Ointment // Vava Night Light // Wipe Warmer// Boppy Newborn Lounger

Elvie Portable Breast Pump

I am obsessed with the Elvie pump. The fact that you don’t have to be hooked up to a wall is fantastic. Now I definitely don’t use this as much as I should or could since I don’t really leave the house at the moment. I do plan to do so since I am always on the go. As someone who is pump dependent, this pump makes my life so much easier.

Hatch Changing Pad Scale

This is such a great item to have. I try and weigh Cora once a week to make sure she is continually growing. Since she was a preemie, her gaining weight is super important to me. This changing pad scale is actually way more low maintenance than I thought it would be. I just have Cora in her diaper and lay her on the pad. Next I open my app that is connected to the pad and hit the scale button. It takes about 10 seconds and gives you baby’s weight. This pad scale is also helpful for those mom’s that are breastfeeding. It helps you keep track of how much baby is eating. If I use it for that, I will weigh Cora before her feeding, feed her, and then weigh her after.

White Onesies

Our friends told us that white onesies would be our savior and they truly have been. I would say that these are our number one most used item. We have long sleeve (with hand covers) and short sleeve versions. Since we don’t leave the house much yet and Cora spits up, dibbles milk or has a blow out, she basically lives in these. It helps that they usually come in a pack of 5 or more and are inexpensive. Honestly, she had a blow out the other day and we just threw the onesie away lol.

Barefoot Dreams Baby Blanket

Y’all already know my love for Minnie Mouse. I am so happy to share that love with Cora. This has been her baby blanket from day one and we love it! It’s so soft and not to mention beautiful. I love that it’s the perfect size for a baby. I even use it to snuggle with her sometime too. It’s also nice and thick which is great since she was born in late winter/early spring and the temps aren’t as hot.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

My arms get so tired when I’m nursing Cora without this pillow. It’s just all around great support. I also love that it can double as something the baby can lounge on or be used for tummy time.

Hatch Sound Machine

Yet another sound machine but this one has all the bells and whistles. This is also a night light and has a bunch of different settings on it. I used the bed time setting which goes on automatically when I want to start getting Cora settled for bed.

Philips Avent Bottles

Shoutout to my sis in law for getting us these. We have the newborn starter kit and it’s perfect. Cora has no nipple confusion going from bottle to breast which I was a little worried about. Apparently this bottle mimics a real nipple the best and I can definitely speak on that. The starter kit also comes with 2 pacifiers and fun fact, Cora hates pacifiers.

Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is a portable sound machine and it’s a total game changer. First off, the way Sheldon hates this thing is comical. It’s not about him though because it really works. It’s such a simple concept but it basically just says “Shhhhh, Shhhhh” but it’s so soothing to babies and they settle down. At first Cora didn’t pay it too much attention but she’s so much more alert now.

Frida Baby Snot Sucker

Y’all this thing has been a total game changer. The concept of it seems gross but it works so much better than those other nasal aspirators. How does it work? The blue part goes at the tip of baby’s nose. Use the straw part to suck anything out of baby’s nose. Don’t worry about sucking a booger or something…there is a filter. I love that the blue part that goes in her nose is see through. You always know if you get snot or boogies. Believe it or not, I also love the straw suction part. You can control how hard you suck.

A+D Diaper Rash Ointment

We love A+D for Cora. We were using Desitin before and that stuff is sooooo messy! It got all over her and us and wasn’t necessary right now. A+D is nice because it’s petroleum based so it’s smooth and not messy. Cora seems to like it too.

Vava Night Light

I already raved about this night light a million times during my hospital stay. It continues to be a favorite item even while at home. It’s great for night time feedings or just to use as a nightlight for baby. It’s super convenient and I love the different settings on it.

Wipe Warmer

This may seem extra but trust me it will be the best $25 you ever spend. Let’s be honest, who wants to have a cold wipe on their butt? Not me. Cora loves warm wipes. I notice when we use a cold wipe on her she almost instantly pees. That doesn’t happen with the wipe warmer.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

If I had to choose another favorite of ours, it would be this boppy lounger. We use it often, several times a day for naps or just hanging out. The only down side about it is depending on how big your baby is, they don’t fit in it for long. Since Cora was so small, we will get a few months use out of it. When she no longer fits we will switch her to the dock-a-tot.

Thanks for reading!