Summer Bucket List 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019
Summer Bucket List 2019

Here we are a few days after Memorial Day and about to head into the month of June. The best month btw cuz it’s my birthday month!!! Anyway just as a shared last year in this post, I’m going to share my Summer Bucket List 2019. I had such a great time doing my first bucket list post last year. These lists whether you achieve them all or not are a great way to help plan things when you are itching for something to do.

  1. Attend Essence Fest: This is like number one for me on my summer bucket list. It’s on my inspiration board in this post and I feel like it’s just calling my name. I just want to be in the presence of greatness…yes I’m looking at you Michelle Obama!
  2. Go to the US Open: Y’all did you know that I’ve played tennis my whole life? I attribute my toned arms to it lol. Back in my serious playing days I would go to the US Open every year. We would take a big bus up for the day. Most of the times we went on Arthur Ashe kids day because you get to play on the practice courts. They have a ton of activities for the kids. Now as an adult I’d love to go to just enjoy a match or two. I know that companies like Chase and American Express invite influencers so that would be amazing to go with them! Feel like I should create a little more tennis content….
  3. Go on a road trip: I love me a good road trip. It definitely depends on who you go with but I love bonding time in the car. Obviously the destination is always my favorite but sometimes it’s not about the destination but more about the journey to it. Wow that was really deep lol.
  4. Ride the Ferris wheel at Penn’s Landing: Haha, this is so basic but we have I guess it’s like a fair set up on Penn’s Landing and I’ve never been to it. I’m going to make a point to go this year, take pictures and then blog about it.
  5. Travel somewhere I’ve never been: This is honestly on my list every year. I mean why not. Traveling makes me happy and really opens your mind up to the world.
  6. Go to a Phillies game: I don’t even know the last time I went to see the Phillies play.
  7. Try an SLT pilates class: If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you won’t know this. I have been absolutely LOVING pilates! When I was getting back into the groove of working out I tried different classes to see what I liked. Then I starting doing home workouts throughout the winter and developed a love for pilates. Well SLT stands for strengthen, lengthen and tone and that’s all of my favorite things. I plan on booking a class here some time in the summer.
  8. Try a new beer garden: We have so many beer gardens in Philly that I forget about a lot of them. There are also pop up beer gardens so new ones come around a lot.
  9. Try a new restaurant: Philly is such a huge food city and trust, there is always somewhere new to try. I really need to venture out more into our Fishtown neighborhood because I’ve heard of some great restaurants there.
  10. Attend a block party: So I’ll let you in on a secret and say this is already happening. My neighbors said every year we have a block party and get moon bounces for the kids and a water slide and just have a great time. I’m super excited for that!

Outfit details: Charlotte Russe shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Dooney & Bourke bag // Scarf // Michele watch // Chain bracelet // Cable bracelet

So that’s it my friends, what do you think? Are you planning on doing some fun things this summer? I’d love to hear, maybe it will give me more ideas to add to this list. Cheers to the best season of the year, have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!