Thanksgiving Cocktail Idea: Harvest Punch

Thanksgiving Cocktail Idea: Harvest Punch

I am in full holiday mode over here and would love to share my first “holiday post” a Thanksgiving cocktail idea. In my mind I wanted to share this a couple of different ways. It started out being a “3 Thanksgiving cocktail ideas” post. Y’all, shooting drinks is harder than it looks lol. So I narrowed it down to one. You can see the other drink recipe I was going to include here for my Apple Cider Mimosas.

Also, I am a bartender by nature so I honestly just “felt” the drinks out. Meaning I did not exactly stick to measurements because I was only making these for two people. If it helps, here is where I got the ingredients from and would be more appropriate for serving for a party.

Whenever I know a drink recipe has some sort of rim, this is what I will do first. I rimmed the glasses with ground cinnamon.


  • Champagne or Prosecco
  • Apple Cider
  • Vodka
  • Ginger Beer

The Rim

  • Ground Cinnamon

The Garnish

  • Apple slices
  • Cinnamon sticks


Step 1: PREP YOUR GARNISHES.  Sprinkle your cinnamon on a plate. I cut my apples separately and did not include a photo but you get the point. Whatever you don’t use you can eat as a snack ?

Step 2: RIM YOUR GLASSES.  Take the cinnamon that’s on the plate and dip your glass rim in it.  I wet the rim of my glass with lime juice so that the cinnamon would stick better. 

Step 3: MAKE THE PUNCH.  Since I made the drink for 2 people this is the amount I will give you for your drink. I would do 2 shots of vodka (1 for each person) and then just enough apple cider to turn the drink that pretty orangish color. Shake well in a cocktail shaker. (*Note: Do not add carbonated drinks to shaker. It will explode like a soda does). Strain into glass and top off with champagne or Prosecco followed by ginger beer. You can add as much or little as ginger beer and champagne/Prosecco as you choose. Obviously the more, the more bubbles.

Step 4: ADD A GARNISH. Garnishes are extra and totally not necessary but they are pretty #doitforthegram and often enhance the taste of a drink. I just cut my apple into 8 slices and put them in the drink. For an extra “pretty” touch I added a cinnamon stick to each drink. Be careful not to overdue it with the cinnamon sticks because they can be very strong.

If you give these a try I would love for you to share a photo with me on Instagram!  Be sure to save the graphic below to your Pinterest so you can always have the recipe on hand.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Idea

Thanks for reading!

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