Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist

Happy Wedding Wednesday friends!  With the help of WeddingWire and my WeddingWire app, my last vendor to book was my wedding florist. Today I’m sharing the lovely process of choosing your wedding florist and the things that no one tells you! It’s a lot of information so let’s dive right on in.

Wedding Florist Wedding Florist Wedding Florist Wedding Florist

Who is your florist and how to choose them?

My florist is Belak Flowers. I chose them because I got their information from when my wedding venue had an open house with vendors there. They are also the recommended florist of my venue and up the street from it so that worked out.

Now how to choose your florist? Honestly throughout this whole planning process everything has been very organic.  I will take a referral over taking a chance on a random vendor.  Choosing a florist or the thought of choosing a florist seemed like a daunting task for me.  I had no idea what I was doing, what “normal” prices are, where to go…nothing! What is helpful is attending bridal expos and an open house if the venue of your choice offers it because they will have vendors there.  In the end it’s your decision but my best advice to you is to do some research.

What do you do at a consultation?

Y’all… head is still spinning a week later from all the information I took in.  All I know is that my mom kept freaking out about white roses symbolizing the “death of your mother”. Anyway, the florist pulled out this huge pamphlet which opened up and it had a bunch of different flowers on it.  Not only will you be asked what kind of flowers you want, but those same flowers can have different middles.  For instance, “Do you want the peony with a green center or a dark center”….umm excuse me!?

Don’t worry, if you are confused or feel overwhelmed, this is when the florist steps in with their suggestions.  My florist Barb is amazing and made the process so much easier.


I won’t get into how much my flowers cost but I will say we did a GREAT job at staying on budget and cutting costs.  Listen, flowers are expensive…period.  Figure out what you want to splurge on in your wedding and what you want to get bargains for.  I guarantee this will help.  For me, flowers weren’t as important as other things such as having a great photographer or videographer.  Therefor, I chose to stay on the lower end of pricing.  If you don’t know what you should be spending on flowers, just do a quick google search on “average cost for wedding flowers”.  Oh an if you plan on having a huge wedding party…good luck.  The cost adds up quickly!

Thanks for reading!