Wedding Registry: What I Registered For

Wedding Registry: What I Registered For

Wedding Registry

Omg it’s Wedding Wednesday and today I’m sharing my Wedding Registry!!!  With the help of my WeddingWire App, I started registering very early on.  Just adding things here and there.  Typically you should at least start adding things on to you wedding registry very early on.  We did go to Bed, Bath and Beyond in person to have the experience of registering with the gun.  Guys get a kick out of that.

There are sooooo many places that you can register at.  Anywhere from Amazon to Best Buy and not to mention places you don’t think about.  We are registered at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s a couple of other places and a newcomer Honeyfund. Honeyfund is a site that your guests are able to give you money towards your honeymoon.  Personally Sheldon and I don’t really have space for too many gifts so Honeyfund was a great option.  As far as some of my favorite gifts or must haves, here are a few:

4-Quart Slow Cooker: I love to cook and I’ve grown to love the slow cooker. We already have an 8-quart slow cooker but it’s far too big for many meals. Some days I just want to make some soup and our 8-quart cooker is just too much. I think this one will be the perfect size…especially since I’m the soup lover and Sheldon isn’t.

Spice Rack: Literally the spice of life is a saying for a reason. I recently started to “invest” in spices for food and they have made meals so much better. The problem is that I am running out of space in my cabinet for them all. This spice rack not only saves you space but these spices come included with the purchase.

Oxo Storage Containers: These will more or so will come in handy when we get a house with a pantry. In my mind I am this super organized housewife and these containers are part of my master plan.

Martha Stewart Double Picture Frame: Y’all know I love pictures! Ideally I would love to have a touching photo from our wedding in this frame.

Martha Stewart Single Picture Frame: Same as above, I love photos and this would be great

Chevron Printed Pillow: Again this is another item that I would like for our future home. I have a look I am going for and this pillow would be perfect.

CusinArt Hand Blender: As I mentioned, I love to cook.  In my mind this little gadget will mash potatoes and such for me lol.

Cookware Set: Ladies, let’s be honest. If you have been living with your partner for a while your cookware is probably a mash up of both of your things.  Not really “ideal” for getting married.  In my mind I want everything to match.  We are becoming one and so should our cookware.  I no longer need my cookware from my first apartment and he doesn’t need is mosh up of IKEA dishes.  It’s time to really “adult” and get a matching cookware set. Plus when we get a house these would go perfect!

Ninja Blender: I mean need I say more? I’ve heard such great things and reviews about this blender. I love a good shake so hopefully this blender lives up to all the hype. Oh and did I mention frozen drinks!?

Serving Dish Ware: These are another item on our registry with our future home in mind. I want to have a house that we can eventually host Thanksgiving dinner at and serving dish ware is important.

That’s all I have for you today.  If you have some must-haves for your wedding registry I would love to hear about them!  We still have so much to do for the wedding but with my WeddingWire app it keeps me up-to-date on what’s next…which is finding accessories for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Thanks for reading!


*This post is in partnership with WeddingWire.  All opinions are my own.*