Whole30 Week 4: MY LAST WEEK!

Whole30 Week 4

Sunday March 18 Day 22

Whole30 Week 4

Monday March 19 Day 23

Whole30 Week 4 Whole30 Week 4

Tuesday March 20 Day 24

What I ate: Within the first half an hour of being awake I had some applesauce.  For breakfast I ate bananas and almond butter.  We had a huge snowstorm so I went to my parents house.  My mom made grilled chicken, spinach and potatoes and that’s what I had for dinner.

Wednesday March 21 Day 25

Whole30 Week 4 Whole30 Week 4

What I ate: I started my day off with apple slices with applesauce, almond butter and cinnamon.

How I’m feeling: I’m feeling amazing actually. I feel like I’m not sluggish, no bloating, when I’m awake I’m super alert. I even feel like I don’t need as much

Friday March 23 Day 27

Whole30 Week 4 Whole30 Week 4

What I ate: OH…EM….Gee y’all!  I made these stuffed peppers and I’m obsessed!  Usually when I make stuffed peppers I stuff the pepper with ground beef and rice.  Since rice is not allowed on Whole30 I found a recipe using ground beef and vegetables.  Vegetables used were mushrooms, peppers, onion and fresh spinach with some tomato paste.  Seriously amazing!  I think I may do a post on the full recipe.

How I’m feeling: Even though I am ready for Whole30 to be over if I keep cooking like this I could just stay on it lol.

Saturday March 24 Day 28

Whole30 Week 4

What I ate: For breakfast I ate some applesauce and a banana.  For dinner I ate leftovers of the stuffed peppers.

How I’m feeling: Beyond thrilled that I only have 2 more days left!

Sunday March 25 Day 29

What I ate: I started my day off with breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.  For lunch/dinner I actually went to Chipotle and got grilled chicken with peppers and onions.

How I’m feeling: You would be surprised that these last 2 days feel like an eternity.   I’m totally ready to incorporate the foods that I cut out.  I miss them and I miss drinking socially.

Monday March 26 DAY 30!!!

Whole30 Week 4

Results: Everyone has been dying to know if I lost any weight.  As I stated before weight loss was not a goal of mine, it’s just an added bonus and welcomed side effect.  I lost 6 pounds which is a lot for me.  Honestly the weight came off in the perfect places.  Most noticeable is more than weight loss but inches loss.  I didn’t take the typical sports bra and shorts picture but I took a picture before I went to the gym on my first day of Whole30.  Please save me any grief in saying that I look exactly the same in the photos.  I feel different and I can see a difference.  Moving on.  Sugar is definitely a culprit for me and the weight loss and bloating.

Why did I do it?: I did Whole30 to challenge myself.  One of my New Years goals was challenging myself more this year.  Whether it’s working out more, giving up drinking for a month or eating better.  Everything is in moderation and I really just did this to be healthier.  Health comes in all shapes and sizes and you’re never too “big” or too “small”…too “fat” or too “skinny” to want to be healthy.

Non-Scale Victories: Apparently this is a thing.  People focus so much energy on the success of diet programs with weight loss not realizing the most important effects.  I encourage you to read this because I feel almost everything on this list.  Makes it a lot easier to explain rather than writing y’all a book lol.

Overall thoughts: I’ve had a change of heart y’all.  I feel amazing, no bloating, no heartburn, no headaches, nothing!!!  My mood is fantastic, no crazy mood swings (from sugar) and I have more energy than ever which I didn’t think was possible.  Last week I believe I said I would never do this again.  Now I feel like I may try this once a year when the new year comes around.  Even though Sheldon is no longer completely on Whole30 he has kept his diet relatively Whole30 compliant.

This experience has been so eye opening.  Now when I make food or want a snack I’ll think twice about what’s in it or the amount of sugar it contains.  If you are thinking of giving Whole30 a try or completed it yourself, let me know!  I’d love to hear about your experience.  Also if you have any more questions, just ask them in the comment section.  Also enjoy this video about my experience at the end of the post.  I hope you enjoyed following along with my journey and thank you all for listening.

Thanks for reading!