Black Sweater DressBlack Sweater Dress

Y’all, I have been searching for a black sweater dress for the longest time.  I finally found one!!!  This one is from Primark and I love it.  It’s so warm, it has pockets and I love that it’s a turtleneck. Pairing a sweater dress with over-the-knee boots and a faux fur vest is one of my favorite winter looks.  Speaking of, we’ve reached that odd time of year for blogging on the East Coast.  I’m not sure whether to share winter looks (since it is still winter) or throw in some spring looks too.

Black Sweater Dress

In other news, if you follow my Snapchat or Instagram stories I made an announcement.  I will be doing the Whole30 diet starting in two weeks.  Before y’all freak out, the point of this diet is not for me to lose weight by any means.  The point is to kind of reset your digestive system.  Once you complete it you can then reintroduce things back into your diet that you may not have known are irritants.

Once I do more research and can explain this better I will. I will be documenting everything each week I complete for y’all.  The best part about the Whole30 diet is that Sheldon is going to do it with me!  I’m not very excited about cutting out alcohol for 30 days though.  Actually I’m dreading it but I’m super excited to take on this challenge and see what results it will bring!

Thanks for reading!