Natural Hair: Must Have Products

Natural Hair: Must Have Products

All my natural hair followers rejoice!  I’m doing something different today because I want my blog to branch out and be about more than just fashion.  This topic is near and dear to my heart.  I’m sharing my natural hair product must haves, my personal favorites and a little about my hair routine.

Back story.  For those that don’t know what “natural hair” is, it’s the natural state of your hair without any chemical straighteners including relaxers and texturizers.  In other words no perms or relaxers.  I actually haven’t even used a straighter, curling iron or blow dryer (minus the diffuser set on low/cool setting) since January!  I’ve been wanting to see if not using any heat and focusing on my hair care regiment would transform my hair.  Well it has!  I also have not had a relaxer in my hair since I was in the 10th grade, so it’s been over 10 years.

Here are my go-to products:

Natural Hair

1. Shea Moisture Leave-in conditioner and Deep Treatment Masque (use for LOC method) 2. Keratin Protein deep conditioner 3. Blow dryer w/ diffuser attachment 4. Cantu Coconut curling cream 5. Cantu grow strong treatment 6. Kinky Curly leave-in conditioner 7. Coconut oil 8. Extra virgin olive oil 9. OGX coconut milk conditioner 10. OGX shampoo (sulfate-free)

Hair Regiment:

I swear by the LOC method!  I have super dry, highly porous hair!  This means that no matter how much product I put in my hair, it always seems to be dry.  Hair that is highly porous means that you naturally have more holes in the shaft of your hair than most people.  To find out and test the porosity of your hair click here.  Once I found out that my hair was highly porous, I could then shop for the correct products for my hair type and avoid being a product junkie like most curly girls are (mainly because you don’t know what products work for your hair).

If you have highly porous hair follow the steps below that I use on wash days.   You should also stick to heavier products like creams, butters, and curling custards.  You should also do the LOC method.  This stands for:

L – leave-in conditioner

O – oil

C – cream

For this method you apply the items in your hair in the order listed; leave-in first, then oil on top of it, then the cream last.  I use Shea Moisture Leave-In conditioner, a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment masque.  On wash or co-wash day after I apply my deep conditioner, I rinse most of it out, separate my hair into sections and apply a lot of each product to each section.  Please watch this video so you can see how much you are to apply 🙂 .  I thought I had enough stuff in my hair before but couldn’t figure out why it would still be dry.  You have to be GENEROUS.

I wash my hair with this sulfate-free shampoo every other week and I co-wash (washing your hair with just conditioner) on the in between weeks of shampoo washing.  Also whether I am washing or co-washing my hair, I do a hot oil treatment to sit in my hair any time from 30 minutes to 1 hour.  To do this, I first boil water in a pot.  Then I put extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil in a bowl and sit the bowl in the pot and let the oils heat up.  *The oils will be hot so allow them to cool to a comfortable temperature before applying to your hair*  After the hot oil treatment, I deep condition, with this deep conditioner, for up to 2 hours.  I put a plastic bag on my head while I wait.  I then rinse majority of the deep conditioner out and do the LOC method.  As each section is saturated, I braid the sections.  Finally I put on my satin scarf and go to bed.

This may sound like a lot of work but once you get used to it, it’s not that bad.  The hardest part about being a natural girl is patience…patience for growth, patience on wash days (I secretly dread them).  Good luck and let me know if you try my methods and if this post helped you

Thanks for reading!



  1. June 27, 2016 / 4:42 am

    I use the Cantu and Shea Moisture products religiously! The fact that they don’t leave you with white residue is the best.


    • Davida Janae
      June 27, 2016 / 9:04 am

      Yes!!! They are the best and they smell so good. Thank you for stopping by!

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