What’s In My Disney Backpack

Disney Backpack

Back with another Walt Disney Wednesday post and today I am going to share “What’s in my Disney backpack.” What you pack in your bag/backpack for a Disney can and will be crucial for your day spent in the park. I made sure to do all of my research on Pinterest which helped me come up with a few crucial things to have in your bag.

Note: I recommend a backpack with two shoulder straps. I have a cutesy one with one shoulder cuz photos lol but trust, Sheldon will be carrying the actual backpack on those days lol.

Disney Backpack
Backpack // Minnie Ears

Photo ID

I think this is self explanatory. You have to travel with a photo ID so you should keep at least your driver’s license or identification card on you. Passports can be included in this too but if you aren’t traveling out of the country it’s best to leave the passport somewhere safe.

Magic Bands

You will more than likely be wearing these on your wrists already. If you don’t just be sure to pack and bring them with you EVERYDAY! You can’t get into the parks without them. Magic bands have become the new way of life in Disney lol. They are great because you can load your park tickets, fast passes and even your credit/debit cards onto them! I have this one for myself and this one for Sheldon. If you are wondering the prices, they range from $14.99 to $32.99.


Having your phone on you is a given but most people don’t think about portable chargers. As a blogger, my phone is always dying because I am always on it. I refuse to miss out of photos, videos and memories because I’m worried about my phone dying. Huge thanks to the Ventev team for hooking me up with all of the portable charging needs!


Debit/credit cards are great but nothing beats having actually cash on you, especially in a theme park.


Don’t miss out on those magic moments. Bring a camera with you along with your phone. Of course I will have both of my cameras with me to document the trip.


I’m talking Advil, Tylenol, band aids, allergy pills, inhaler, epipens etc. Listen you might not need any of those things listed but I guarantee if you are going with a group that someone will.


Y’all, I am one of those people that needs to eat/snack all of the time. I’ve got a fast metabolism so food doesn’t stick. Ha, and good luck if you are traveling with kids. They always need to be eating or have a snack nearby. Having snacks will not only keep your energy up throughout a day in the parks but can save you money to not have to go to vendors every time you get hungry.

Mouse Ears

I HIGHLY recommend you buy these in advance. If you need a reference for where to buy the best ears, check this post. Of course you can buy “special ones” aka limited edition ones in the park if you like but buying them prior to your trip will save you lots of money.

Water Bottles

We are going to Disney in July which means it’s going to be super hot. We don’t want anyone passing out so lots of water will be super helpful. I love this backpack because it has two holders on it for water bottles.

Hand Sanitizer/Wipes/Kleenex

I would keep all of this in a clear plastic bag along with the medication I bring. Just to keep it all in one place. That brings me to my next point.

Ziplock Bags/Water Proof Case

Waterproofing your things will be key for the unpredictable weather in the parks. Not just the weather but also for water rides. I know that I will have some pretty expensive cameras on my hands. I don’t want to limit myself on what I can ride because I can’t get my cameras wet. Yes, I’m looking at you Splash Mountain!


Florida has pretty tropical weather. Therefor it rains all the time. 15 minutes here and then nothing. I’ve heard from so many people that it’s great to pack some disposable ones, they get you with the prices in the parks.


One, because they’re cute or can be. Two, because I don’t feel like squinting all day (running the risk of crows feet lol).


DUH! Gotta protect your skin friends.


Y’all my husband is bald so he will need a hat the most lol. But seriously we will all need them at some point. The sun in Florida in the Summer, especially in July, it’s no joke.

Other things I’ve read around the internet to pack in your bag:

  • Glow sticks
  • Pins and Lanyards
  • Gum
  • Autograph cards/sharpies/pens
  • Cooling Towels
Disney Backpack

Details on my backpack…I got it for under $25!!! I was terrified it was going to be too small for an adult but I am super happy with it! What do you think about this post, did I forget anything?

Thanks for reading!