Travel Guide: Negril Jamaica

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica. As you may or may not know Sheldon and I went on our honeymoon to Negril, Jamaica. It was the most amazing week with some of the best hospitality we’ve ever experienced and we felt at home. I have so much to share and I know y’all love my travel guides when I do them. Here’s everything you need to know about traveling to Negril.

How to get to Negril

The easiest way is to fly into Montego Bay. Negril is about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes drive from Montego Bay.  You get a great view the entire way because you drive along the coast and see the beach most of the way.

Things to take into consideration:

Club Mobay

This is the only way I will ever travel to Negril or Jamaica in general. What’s Club Mobay? It’s a VIP travel service which fast tracks you through customs and immigration, greets you with a special welcome sign upon arrival, provides free food and drinks including alcoholic beverages while you wait for your airport transfer. Oh and it’s only $30!

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

You can and should also use Club Mobay for your departure as well.  The lounge in Montego Bay is amazing.  Such a great way to unwind and wait for your flight without the interruptions of the airport.  Did I mention that they also have a spa there!?

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

Where to stay in Negril

There are so many places to stay in Negril depending on what you are looking for. We decided to do all-inclusive and adults only. Highly recommended!!! Sheldon and I stayed at Sunset at the Palms. I picked it 🙂 because I grew up kind of in the woods and always wanted a giant tree house. That’s exactly what our rooms were. I wouldn’t even call them rooms, I call them bungalows. It’s also super intimate and unique.

The great thing about our resort was even though it was private, you were always offered tours to go on. Don’t get me wrong, I loved relaxing and being lazy with my husband BUT I am an activity girl. I have to do something. My only goal on the trip was to ride the horses in the ocean. More on that soon.

Popular Places To Stay:

  • Beaches Resorts
  • Couples Resorts
  • Royalton
  • Sandals
  • Azul
  • Rui Palace

Where/What to eat in Negril

Since we stayed at our resort for most of our time in Negril, we ate a lot of meals there. It was great because each night was a different theme. Here they are:

  • Saturday: Seafood night
  • Sunday: Jamaican night
  • Monday: Mediterranean night
  • Tuesday: Italian night
  • Wednesday: Barbecue night (it was also 4th of July)
  • Thursday: Gala night
  • Friday: Jamaican night

What to eat.  I highly recommend that you try jerk chicken when you are in Jamaica.  I’ve had it here in the states and there is nothing like getting it authentically.  They can and do put jerk seasoning on just about everything.  I had jerk nachos, cheese fries, fish, you name it.

On the beach

Our resort had its own private beach. It was for Sunset at the Palms guests only. There was a bar for drinks and grill for food. We ate lunch at the beach grill almost everyday. The food was amazing and they offered things like fish tacos, jerk chicken, burgers, fries (regular, cheesy or jerk cheesy), nachos and more. The fish tacos were by far my favorite!

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe

We also went off the resort to Rick’s Cafe. It’s voted top 10 bars in the world so it was a given that we go there. I had the lobster entree and it was amazing! My main objective going to Rick’s aside from the food was cliff jumping! More on that below!

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

What to do in Negril

Negril is super chill. Like one of the chillest places I’ve ever been to in my entire life! For those that want to do some activities, here are a few options.

Go to the beach

Unlike Punta Cana, we made it a point to get to the beach almost every day. The only 2 days we didn’t get to the beach were when we were doing our excursions. The water is warm in Negril and so easy to get sucked into. Also, the clear blue water is always a plus!

Book an excursion!

Maybe it’s because we don’t have kids yet but I’m not a 100% relaxation type of person.  I have to do something at least 1 day I’m on vacation.  The great thing is that aside from being able to book excursions through the resort, there are plenty of people up and down the beach that book them too.  You can also book online.  I looked at Jamaica Tours Ltd. Our two excursions were:

  • Shopping/ Rick’s Cafe-Cliff Jumping

We did some duty free shipping at Times Square Negril.  After that we went to a little village for some more authentic shopping.  Our last stop on this tour was at Rick’s Cafe.  As I said earlier, my food was amazing and I went cliff jumping!

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

  • Horseback riding in the ocean at Jam West

Jam West was amazing because they do a bunch of excursions simultaneously.  We chose to only do horseback riding and our guide was gracious enough to also take us on a Safari Tour.  So glad he did because I got to see Tortoises!!!!  We then got to horseback riding in which we did a mile walk to the ocean and then got in the ocean with the horses.  My horses name was Beauty (Sheldon was on Pablo).

Travel Guide Negril Jamaica Travel Guide Negril Jamaica Travel Guide Negril Jamaica

  • ATV, Ziplining, Racing

As I said above, Jam West offered a couple of excursions simultaneously and the other ones were ATV, ziplining and racing cars. I’m not a huge fan of dirt and dust so ATVs will always be out of the question for me. There is also another company called Chukka, not recommended by me if you are in Negril, but they offer the same types of tours.

Take a yoga class

Sheldon signed us up for yoga on Wednesday morning and we later went to Rick’s Cafe. It was my first time taking yoga and a lot of fun for us to do it together.

What to wear in Negril

This is a fashion blog right!? Here ya go. It’s really hot in Negril. The temps were no less than 85 degrees and pretty humid. Luckily the humidity was pretty dry unlike when we were in Punta Cana. Trust, my hair tells the story lol. Anyway, I would say to keep all of your clothing very lightweight. If I wasn’t wearing an actual outfit you could usually find me in a bathing suit and cover up.

“Island Vibes” swimsuit

Leaf kimono // Straw bag

Leaf swimsuit

White swimsuit

Leaf romper

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask below.

Thanks for reading!